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Directory Submission
Directory submission is the best way to obtain high quality links for your website as a means of increasing its popularity, visibility, and website traffic. Directory links also improve your search engine organic rankings such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There are different types of directory submission that mvikram14 offer such as General, Premium, Niche, Regional, and Deep directory.

Advantages of mvikram14 manual Directory Submission Service

Mvikram14 provides directory submission services where you will receive a permanent one way link to your website from the manual directory submission. We have offered our services since 2006. Our Directory submission service is search engine friendly as always update our strategies according to Google algorithms. So our directory submission service will boost your website traffic, ranking, in search engine like Google, yahoo and Bing. Also increase you local Traffic. It is high quality service since 2006.
  • Manual by Hand Submission
  • Experience
  • Multiple Anchor Text
  • Multiple Description
  • Avoid Duplicate submission
  • High Approval Rate
  • Latest Google updates compliant
  • Do follow – One way Link
  • SEO Friendly Directory site
  • High DA Site
  • High PR sites
  • No Hidden or Monthly Charges
  • Various directory submission options
  • Handling directory Confirmation email
  • Report

Explaining our Benefits and Services in Detail

  • Manual Submission – White Hat SEO is in demand by search engines. It is an organic SEO practice where the site links are built naturally. Software summation is not considered as white hat SEO. To avoid risk of penalty from the major search engines you need to manually submit your website to the directories, which is where mvikram14 can help. We will manually add your site to the directory for a direct back link to your business or professional website.
  • Experience –10 year manually directory submission experience. We have completed over 15,000 website directory submissions since we started in 2006. This means we have input these websites in more than 15,000,000 directories.
  • Multiple Anchor Text – Mvikram14 uses multiple targeted anchor text, keywords or keyword phrases which increases your link popularity, traffic, and ensures organic ranking in search engines like Google with targeted keywords.
  • Multiple Descriptions – To avoid any issues with multiple directory submissions we create several descriptions about your site. These descriptions include targeted keywords and focus the informative information about your site.
  • Avoid Duplicate submission – It is very important to avoid any duplicate submission that could get your removed from the directory. To do this we check manually and ensure that we only add your website once to each directory.
  • High Approval Rate – : As Mvikram14 is providing a manually directory submission service and submitting your site into the correct category we ensure you have a high approval rating. We follow all directory site guidelines to make certain there is nothing wrong with it, which also provides you with a higher approval rating.
  • Latest Google updates compliant – Yes, Google always consider quality back links. Directory submission service is latest Google algorithm update friendly such as Google Panda and Google Penguin updates.
  • Do follow – (One way Link) Yes, mvikrm14 add your site to directories which provide do follow one way permanent link.
  • SEO Friendly Directory site – We choose only the best directory sites that are also SEO friendly to your website. You want a directory that is going to help you get the visitors you want. You also want to make certain it is easy to use for visitors. It means submitting to trust worthy sites that have good SEO practices for the keywords and phrases that will be used to enter your site into the directory.
  • High DA Site – Mvikram14 uses high domain authority directory websites. High domain authority means it is a trusted domain website directory that a visitor can feel confident using. It is one that is mainstream and recognized by the top three search engines as a place for your site to be listed.
  • High PR sites – Mvikram14 uses high Page Rank directory websites too, which are like high domain authority sites in terms of quality. These directories provide the best practices for SEO, trust, and usability for potential visitors to your site.
  • No Hidden or Monthly Charges – The price list you see below includes all the charges we require for our different directory submission service packages. We charge only upfront fees with no hidden or monthly charges for the work we provide to you for directory submission.
  • Confirmation email – Mvikram14 handles directory submission email confirmation to save your time.
  • Various directory submission options – Mvikram14 have several directory submission packages to fit all of our customer needs including small to large business. You can choose from any of the packages listed below based on your requirements and the work you may have already done.
  • Report – Once the work is complete, in which we add your website to all the directories your package allows, we will send you a report of our work and the directories. You can follow through by checking to make sure everything is in order as well as look at the report to see how your traffic has changed in the short time it took us to add your site to each directory.

Manual directory Submission Packages

Directory Submission Package No of Submission PR detail Provided Duration (In Day) No of Report Price
MDSP-1 250 Yes 10 1 On Request
MDSP-2 500 Yes 10 1 On Request
MDSP-3 750 Yes 15 1 On Request
MDSP-4 1000 Yes 18 1 On Request
MDSP-5 1250 Yes 20 1 On Request
MDSP-6 1500 Yes 30 1 On Request
MDSP-7 2000 Yes 30-35 1 On Request
MDSP-8 2250 Yes 35-40 1 On Request
MDSP-9 2500 Yes 40-45 1 On Request
MDSP-10 3000 Yes 60 1 On Request

High PR Directory Submission Package

Directory Submission Package No of Submission PR detail Provided Duration (In Day) No of Report Price
PMDSP-1 750 PR1+ 10 1 On Request
PMDSP-2 750 PR2+ 10 1 On Request
PMDSP-3 500 PR3 15 1 On Request
PMDSP-4 400 PR3 15 1 On Request
PMDSP-5 100 PR4+ 5 1 On Request
  • MDSP - Manual directory submission Package
  • PMDSP - Page Ranking wise directory submission Package

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